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11.5g Dice

11.5g Dice

These are the poker chips that started it all. They have been the largest selling style of poker chips since the poker craze hit about a year ago.

The tops of the chips feature a dice graphic with numbers 1 through 6 on the edges. These chips are slightly heavier than a casino chip, but it's not noticeable to the indiscriminate poker player. While many marketers tout these chips as casino style chips, that's not quite the reality. These poker chips are plastic molded chips with a metal insert. When tossed into a pot, there is an unmistakable metal 'ping' when the chips strike other chips or a surface. Coloring of these poker chips is clean and crisp with no bleeding. Edges are sharp with evenly spaced, alternating coloring, with is visually appealing when the chips are stacked. A large blank center exists on the chips, which presents a perfect opportunity for a person to customize the poker chipset with their own label.

Light years ahead of the chips you used as a kid, these are a nice choice for a beginner home poker player looking for a budget priced set of chips.

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