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Hi to everyone! When a student, I started to play online poker. When I told people around me that I wanted to earn money with the help of it, they thought I was crazy. It was usual to hear from them the words like these: Are you serious? Poker? It’s a gambling game, you know? Even if you earn something, you will lose more and so on… And I’m very thankful to circs that I didn’t listen to them.

While most of my groupmates were looking for a job with acceptable salary I earned more than they could imagine, spending less time than full time work requires. Poker wasn’t popular neither among my family nor friends. We were not used to spending time playing poker; I think they didn’t even know the rules of the game. So…It wasn’t easy to start. I had no idea what should I begin with and which site to use. I read some books but without practice it was nothing.  

It took me time to found the Poker Source Online, but thanks God it finally happened and now it is the one I use. I have pretty wide experience playing poker and can say that Poker Source is very lavish with bonuses and gifts. It’s really a pity that I didn’t found the community like this in the beginning of my poker life. A forum with all necessary information and full of people, who are ready to help you whenever you need, is «must have» for every novice, and the PokerSource has really good one.

Also the site has simple and clear configuration. It is very easy for beginners to understand how to get free gifts and money. Today online poker is more and more popular and the Internet is full of different offers and sometimes you can’t decide with ease which of them are true and which are fraud. If I were you I would chose the site which exists not a year or two, but around a decade as does! Have a nice day!