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PokerSource Customer Testimonials


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  • KilaKela

    Hi! My username is KilaKela. I'm from Russia. I want tell about my experience with I was invited by my friend to this site and told me that for as little as $50 initial deposit, plus minimum play requirements, I could get PokerSource Points.... Read more

  • Quafffe

    Hello, I began playing ‘play money’ online poker sites, but realized quickly that its not poker at all. In play money people play like in roulette I knew that if I wanted real practice, I would have to play real-money games.... Read more

  • Adonis101

    Hello, my naim is Eugeniya. I am from the city of Perm, but now live in Moscow. Graduated University majoring in "Psychology." With poker met at the end of 2008. Then there was a big crisis and had to resign from work. "It

    ... Read more

  • Gadjoxx

    Hello everyone, my name is Aleksandr Trofimov, My account in PokerSource is Gadjoxx I was 18 years old, when opened my own poker account.  Classmates at the University regularly gathered in the dorm to play a few small tournaments between themselves,

    ... Read more

  • SnakeFake

    Hello, my name is Aleksandr Shishov. I am from Russia, For the first time, I heard about poker, specifically about hold'em, about two years ago, before this, poker was for me a pretty boring game, all my knowledge about it was only there were cards and combos that you need to collect to win, I was fond of bridge game, which is an insanely massive fan.... Read more

  • Bunbuy

    Hello, my name is Eugene, I live in Moscow. Poker has become part of my life in January, 2014. Since that time, I learned a lot about poker, and learn how to play to and start winning.
    ... Read more

  • GreekBucks

    Hello, My name is Galina, I'm 24 and live in Moscow. Now I want to talk about my PokerSource experience.  My first experience with poker was in early June 2014. Before this, I did not even know any of the rules of the game ...

    ... Read more

  • jdihhers

    Hi!!! My name is Vadzim, I'm 28. Now I want to talk about my Pokersource experience. My username is " jdihhers " About year ago I didn't hear about poker at all.  Some people that I know played it sometimes, but it was not interesting for me. One time we relaxed with friends... Read more

  • p4ntosw

    Good day to all! My name is Andrei, I live in Grodno, Belarus. I have a little tire service. But my income depends of season. I playing poker for a 5 years, but its offline poker, cheap poker tournaments, and in the main I played not for money, just for fun. Some times I played online poker, but it was for fun too.... Read more

  • uporotsik

    Hello! My name is Vadzim. I'm 23 years old and I graduated from the university one month ago. I played poker with friends, and sometimes played MTT offline and online. I wasn't very good in this. But last 4 month I started to play poker online hard. It's not easy to win money online now.
    ... Read more

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