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PokerSource Customer Testimonials


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  • Varaxious

    In 2006 I was a college student at the University of South Florida. I was very hungry one day and I went to the local wing joint, upon my arrival I noticed a league poker tournament going on and I decided to take a seat. I ended up losing the poker tournament but luckily I met a person who recommended that I look into a poker promotion site called Read more


    I already own a set of 300 Nevada Jacks, but lately we played some 6 to 8 Player home game SNG’s so I needed some more chips – and the easiest way is playing poker and getting gifts from PokerSource. This time I decided to play in a smaller network – to play at DOYLESROOM in the Cake Network. Before start playing just choose the room and free poker gift at PokerSource and follow the... Read more

  • suavementeee

    Eines Abends streifte ich durch diverse Pokerforen, als ich einige Erfahrungsberichte zu der Seite "Pokersource" entdeckte. Skeptisch begutachtete ich die Berichte und musterte danach die Pokersource-Webseite. Im Hinterkopf hatte ich immer den Gedanken: "Warum sollte mir eine Community-Plattform, Startkapital zum verpokern schenken?" Da ich mir zunächst sicher war, dass man bei einer solchen Aktion tausende Bedingungen erfüllen muss,... Read more

  • bosoxfan

    Hi,  I play under the screen name bosoxfan or a variation of that on a lot of poker rooms on the internet. I began playing in 2004 and played almost daily on a wide variety of online poker rooms including PokerStars, Party Poker and many others. During this time I took advantage of the great promotions at PokerSource.  I signed up for rakeback at Absolute Poker and did the same thing at Full Tilt Poker and never had a problem, the money was always deposited into my account on time and... Read more

  • GhostAcesIII

    I joined the PokerSource  Absolute Poker Instant Bankroll because I wanted to practice my poker! I had read a book or two on poker and wanted to play more often, but my friends only played once every few months. I began playing ‘play money’ sites, but realized quickly that it doesn’t take a genius to beat those games. I knew that if I wanted real practice, I would have to play real-money games.... Read more


    Hello everyone, my name is Gianluca Ragusa, I am 42 years old and have always been passionate about poker.  Four years ago I discovered online poker and I grew very fond of the game. But when I tried to subscribe to the sites I saw that to get the best promotions and bonuses I needed to be recommended by a friend, and since I had just discovered online poker I did not know anybody.  Browsing the internet, I discovered this beautiful site PokerSource... Read more

  • wowowee

    I always like to research good deals on the internet for poker sites or things that would benefit me while gambling on different poker sites. I found PokerSource  and thought it was a great deal. I looked at what they have to offer. I have researched if they are a legit site before I signed up with them. I found out that they are the original free poker supplies website, and with over well over 250,000 customers and 260,000 forum members, they ... Read more

  • uberunce

    Using the PokerSource website is trouble free, everything is easy to access and easy to find. I have done two promotions with PokerSource and they were straight forward to do.  The first was to get a copy of Poker Tracker through Absolute Poker.  I signed up to Poker Source Online (old name) referred by a friend and went through the procedure of getting the Poker Tracker gift. I downloaded the Absolute Poker software, signed up to the site and that was it.... Read more

  • bullyingpros

    My first promotion at PokerSource was with full tilt poker about one and a half years ago. I just turned 18 and started to explore the world of online poker. But always after a few hours of poker I would notice I raked so much money that just lands into the hands of the pokersites. I started to search if I could play cheaper without having to do anything illegal, thats how I found PokerSource.... Read more

  • darziw

    J’ai commencé le poker il y a 3 ans, non pas avec Patrick Bruel et son World Poker Tour sur la chaine cryptée mais en Australie avec des irlandais avec qui je passais mes soirées à jouer des petits dollars et j’adorais ca. En rentrant en France j’ai googuelisé Poker dés que je suis rentré, c’est alors que j’ai découvert l’univers du Poker en ligne. Ne voulant pas déposé j’ai... Read more

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