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PokerSource Customer Testimonials


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  • belikins

    Hi! My name is Andrei. I'm 40 years old and I'm from Belarus, Minsk. I want tell about my experience with Firstly I want to say thanks to PokerSource at all. It was the great free poker gift promotions!... Read more

  • perinyonbar

    Good day! My username perinyonbar. I knew guys who earn enough money with poker and this let them not to have a work, which most of the people find prestigious. I decided to try to receive easy money too, but pretty soon found out that it was a little bit harder than I’d imagined.... Read more

  • Avantajiqta

    Good day to all aspiring and professional poker players! I have been playing poker for many years now with friends and at the casino. I usually work as a night guard at a parking lot. You can imagine that I don't have any work most of the time. Hopefully I can use my laptop and internet at the job. T... Read more

  • karalxium

    Hi! My pokersource username - karalxium. I like poker and try to play it each moment I have leisure time. I can’t say that I’m venturesome, I just enjoy the game itself. The first time I played it online wasn’t easy at all.... Read more

  • hisherstix

    Hello. My name is Maksim. I am 21. First I'd like to say a big thanks to PokerSource team! I live in a country with $250-300 average salary. It's not good, and if you want something like 2 week vacation in other country once in year, you can't do it on your salary. It's really sad.... Read more

  • wor4lass

    Hi! My name is Uladzimir. I started to play poker less than one year ago. It’s great that for online-poker doesn’t play any role whether you are a pro or just started to play 5 minutes ago, and the rules of the game are still smth of another planet, because there’re games for both types.... Read more

  • garshanni

    Good evening! I’m around 40 and can say that poker is a great part of my life. This game helps to keep mind vivid and young. All my life I played poker only face-to-face. Not long ago my son recommended me to try myself in online. I only heard about it before and never played.... Read more

  • Lord2720

    Hello from me! My name is Ivan and coming from Bulgaria. I am relatively new to online poker. I am a musician by trade. But as you know the saying, for a musician it's very hard to feed the household and provide for the family. And if you are not f

    ... Read more

  • julls

    Hi to everybody! My name is Yuliya, I am from Belarus and I am a girl you can say that poker is not for girls but i don't agree with you! I play poker only for 2 years and first time I have played for fun with my friends. But after I have heard about affiliate programs and especially about Read more

  • kostvol

    Good day! I’m pretty new with the internet poker and find very helpful! My friend who has been playing poker for a long time was a little bit tired of my endless questions about everything that concerns this game and recommended me this site.

     I knew nothing a... Read more

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