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PokerSource Customer Testimonials


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  • kostvol

    Good day! I’m pretty new with the internet poker and find very helpful! My friend who has been playing poker for a long time was a little bit tired of my endless questions about everything that concerns this game and recommended me this site.

     I knew nothing a... Read more

  • biasiass

    Hi to everyone! When a student, I started to play online poker. When I told people around me that I wanted to earn money with the help of it, they thought I was crazy. It was usual to hear from them the words like these: Are you serious? Poker? It’s a gambling game, you know? Even if you earn something, you will lose more and so on…... Read more

  • suavementeee

    Eines Abends streifte ich durch diverse Pokerforen, als ich einige Erfahrungsberichte zu der Seite "Pokersource" entdeckte. Skeptisch begutachtete ich die Berichte und musterte danach die Pokersource-Webseite. Im Hinterkopf hatte ich immer den Gedanken: "Warum sollte mir eine Community-Plattform, Startkapital zum verpokern schenken?" Da ich mir zunächst sicher war, dass man bei einer solchen Aktion tausende Bedingungen erfüllen muss,... Read more

  • bosoxfan

    Hi,  I play under the screen name bosoxfan or a variation of that on a lot of poker rooms on the internet. I began playing in 2004 and played almost daily on a wide variety of online poker rooms including PokerStars, Party Poker and many others. During this time I took advantage of the great promotions at PokerSource.  I signed up for rakeback at Absolute Poker and did the same thing at Full Tilt Poker and never had a problem, the money was always deposited into my account on time and... Read more

  • GhostAcesIII

    I joined the PokerSource  Absolute Poker Instant Bankroll because I wanted to practice my poker! I had read a book or two on poker and wanted to play more often, but my friends only played once every few months. I began playing ‘play money’ sites, but realized quickly that it doesn’t take a genius to beat those games. I knew that if I wanted real practice, I would have to play real-money games.... Read more

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