Frequently Asked Questions


Free Poker Gifts

1) Q: How do I sign up?
A: Once you have created an account from PokerSource's home page, click on the Free Poker Gifts tab in our top menu. After choosing a poker room, you will be guided through the step-by-step process of downloading the software, signing up with the poker room, and making a deposit, ensuring that your account is associated with PokerSource. TOP
2) Q: Do I have to pay you any money?
A: No. Your poker deposit is made with the poker room. TOP
3) Q: Do all poker rooms have the same PokerSource Point choices?
A: No, the PokerSource Points offered for our free gift promotions vary from room to room. TOP
4) Q: So that's it? I just sign up and I get a free gift?
A: Almost, but not quite. You must still complete the deposit and point requirement within a specified time frame which are different for each poker room before you receive your free gift. TOP
5) Q: What are the requirements?
A: We require that you satisfy a certain amount of poker play in order to collect your gift. This requirement is typically a certain number of loyalty points, which are earned by playing in real money poker games. The requirements are detailed in our terms and conditions in the signup process. TOP
6) Q: Is there a minimum initial deposit with the poker room?
A: Yes. It is typically $50, but can be as low as $20. We detail this amount for each poker room we list. TOP
7) Q: Will I still get a deposit bonus?
A: Yes. You will get both a deposit bonus and the free gift. In fact, the initial deposit bonus you can get by signing up through PokerSource is often better than the bonus offered directly from the poker room. TOP
8) Q: How long do I have to complete my promotion?
A: You have 60 days from the date you register for the promotion to complete the requirements. TOP
9) Q: What if I cannot complete the promotion in time? Can I get an extension?
A: We cannot guarantee that we will be able to grant an extension, but we are sometimes able to do so. We consider requests on a case-by-case basis. However, the time limit is usually more than enough to complete the requirements. TOP
10) Q: I have completed my requirements. Now what do I do?
A: Once you have completed the promotional requirements, login to your account and visit the 'My Account' section and click the 'Finished' button next to your promotion. We will then verify your promotion with the poker room. Once we are notified that you have completed the requirements, your PokerSource Points will be awarded. The confirmation process may take up to 7 business days, depending on how quickly we receive the report from the poker room. TOP
11) Q: I have signed up for a promotion, but do not see it listed in 'My Account'. Where is it?
A: You most likely forgot to fill out the confirmation form at the end of the signup process. Just go through the signup process again, but skip through all the steps you have already completed until you come to the confirmation form. After you complete this form the promotion will show up in your account area. The promotion must be listed in your account to be eligible for the free gift offer. TOP
12) Q: Can I sign up for a poker room more than once?
A: No. Only one promotion per poker room per person. If you chose our Free Poker Gift offer, then our Instant Bankroll or Rakeback offers will not be an option for the same poker room. TOP
13) Q: Can everyone in my household signup for your promotions?
A: We only allow one promotion per poker room per household. However, multiple people in the same household can sign up for promotions, as long as they sign up for different poker rooms. TOP


1) Q: What is rakeback?
A: Poker rooms make their money by collecting a small portion of real money pots; this is called the 'rake'. Rakeback is essentially a rebate on the rake that you contribute at the tables. If you have 30% rakeback, you will receive 30% of the rake you contribute returned to you. TOP
2) Q: Can I receive rakeback through PokerSource?
A: PokerSource has outsourced it’s rakeback department to our sister site, If you visit our rakeback landing page, you will be directed to TheNuts where they will be able to assist with any rakeback related issues. TOP
3) Q: How do I get paid and how can PokerSource afford to pay me rakeback?
A: Each poker room distributes rakeback benefits differently. Most rooms issue rakeback payments automatically, right to your account on their poker room. Consult the landing page for the poker room you are interested in for more detailed information, or contact PokerSource is able to pay rakeback because when you sign-up for a poker room, that poker room will pay us a commission for the rake that you generate on their site. PokerSource then returns the majority of this commission to you in the form of rakeback. TOP
4) Q: How often do I get paid?
A: Each poker room pays out rakeback differently. It is common for poker rooms to award these payments in monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly intervals. You should consult the sign-up page for the individual room you are interested in for more detailed information on payment frequency on that particular site. TOP
5) Q: Will I need to keep track of my rake?
A: No, will keep track of your rake and periodically upload your statistics within your TheNuts account profile. TOP
6) Q: Will I receive rakeback on my tournament entry fees?
A: Most rooms do award rakeback for tournament entry fees. However, you will be able check this on a room-to-room basis on the various poker room sign-up pages on TheNuts. TOP
7) Q: Are deposit bonuses deducted from my rakeback?
A: This depends on the poker room. Some rooms will deduct for bonuses, some will not. Generally speaking, on rooms that do deduct bonuses it is still more beneficial to have rakeback in addition to clearing a bonus than to have just one or the other. The sign-up page for each individual room on will have this information available. TOP
8) Q: Can I have rakeback at more than one poker room?
A: Yes you can. TOP
9) Q: Can I get rakeback at a room for which I already did a free gift or free money promotion?
A: No. You may only do one promotion, regardless of the type, per poker room. TOP
10) Q: Can I get rakeback at a room where I already have an account, even if I did not do a PokerSource promotion?
A: Generally speaking the answer is No. If you email with the poker room in question, and your screen name, we can contact our affiliate manager to find out the status of your account. Most rooms are strict about retagging accounts, but we are happy to ask for you. TOP
11) Q: Why should I do a rakeback promotion with a certain room instead of a free gift promotion?
A: If you plan on playing regularly at the poker room, rakeback may very well be the best long-term option, as over time, your accumulated rakeback will exceed the value of the free gift. Everyone's playing habits are different, though, so you may want to do some rough calculations to see which option will be better for you. TOP
12) Q: If I delete the poker room's software and re-install it, will my rakeback end?

A: No, once you have signed-up with a rakeback deal on a given poker room you will always have that rakeback deal. It doesn’t matter which computer you are playing on, or where that computer is – as long as you are logged-in to your account, you will receive rakeback.


Have additional questions? Consult our FAQ, or email us at



1) Q: What is a freeroll?
A: A freeroll is a tournament which has no cost to enter. TOP
2) Q: Can I win money in PokerSource's freerolls?
A: You sure can. We typically put up $100 for the freeroll prize pools. TOP
3) Q: Can I win anything else?
A: It doesn't happen often, but we have given away special prizes such as World Series of Poker entries, cruises, and poker chipsets in our freerolls! TOP
4) Q: Where are the freerolls held?
A: PokerSource freerolls are held at our partner poker rooms. TOP
5) Q: Do I have to do anything to be eligible to play in a PokerSource freeroll?
A: No, however you do need to do is register for the freeroll at the host poker room. All the event details for our next freeroll can be found on our Promotions page. TOP
6) Q: Where can I find a list of PokerSource freerolls?
A: They can be found by clicking on the Promotions tab in our top menu. TOP
7) Q: How do I register for a freeroll?
A: All of our freerolls are password protected.  You must register at the hosting poker room with the correct password in order to play in our event.  The password can be found on our Promotions page.  TOP
8) Q: I made the money! How do I collect my winnings?
A: The host poker room will deposit your winnings into your poker account. TOP
9) Q: What if I have trouble registering for the freeroll or have other questions?
A: You can contact us at TOP

Points Store

1) Q: What is the Points Store?
A: The Points Store is an online store on our site where you can purchase a multitude of items with your PokerSource Points. TOP
2) Q: What are PokerSource Points?
A: PokerSource Points are the most versatile free gift option we offer for signing up for one of our online poker promotions. PokerSource Points can be spent as soon as you earn them, or you can save them over time, however, they do expire 5 years from the date posted. You can also earn PokerSource Points via referrals, our rakeback program, and occasional special contests. All your points can be combined to purchase anything you wish from the Points Store. TOP
3) Q: What can I buy in the store?
A: Available for purchase are poker chips and chip sets, poker supplies, poker table tops, poker software, poker books, poker DVDs, and gift certificates for both online poker rooms and retailers such as and Best Buy. You can even donate your points to charity and PokerSource will match your gift 100%. TOP
4) Q: Do PokerSource Points ever expire?
A: Yes. They expire 5 years from the date posted to your account. TOP
5) Q: I only need a few more points to get the item I want. Can I buy points?
A: No. TOP
6) Q: Do PokerSource Points have cash value?
A: No, but you can make "cash-like" purchases by using them for gift certificates or charitable donations. TOP
7) Q: What is the conversion rate if I choose to receive my rakeback in PokerSource Points?
A: You will receive 1 point for every 1 cent in rakeback. TOP
8) Q: What are the shipping charges?
A: Shipping on all physical items is free within the USA. Please contact us for shipping rates outside of the USA. Any shipping charges can be paid with PokerSource Points. Some items, such as software and some gift certificates are sent via email. All books and DVD's ship free worldwide. TOP
9) Q: Do I have to pay customs charges?
A: If you live outside the United States, you may be responsible for customs charges. TOP
10) Q: Is there a minimum order?
A: The minimum order is 1,000 points. TOP

Free Poker Money

1) Q: How can PokerSource possibly give money away?
A: This is by far our most commonly asked question when people contact us about our Instant Bankrolls. As an online poker affiliate, PokerSource gets paid by the online poker rooms to bring them real money players. With this promotion we share that money with you so you can start your online poker career, risk free. TOP
2) Q: Will PokerSource sell my information to anyone?
A: No. PokerSource will never sell or give your information to anyone. You will not receive any spam from us or anyone else as a result of signing up for any of our promotions. TOP
3) Q: How does the signup process work?
A: First, click on the Free Poker Money tab in our top menu. Then select the poker room of your choice from the free money offers available to you, there are no deposit options as well as those that require a deposit. Follow the signup steps as indicated very carefully and be sure you understand all of the terms and conditions. Download the poker software from our link and enter any necessary codes when creating your poker account. We have provided you with detailed instructions and screenshots to help you through the process. TOP
4) Q: What do I need to do for the Free Poker Money No Deposit Offer after I create my account with the poker room?
A: After you have successfully created your poker account through our sign up links, you will need to proceed through our step-by-step instructions to get pre-approved for your promotion. You will be required to pass a short poker quiz and provide a valid phone number for callback verification. The whole process should take less than 10 minutes. Once you are pre-approved, we will submit your account details to the poker room for final verification and funding. TOP
5) Q: When will my poker account be funded?
A: PokerSource will pre-approve your account and then send your account details to the poker room for verification. The poker room must verify that registration was successfully completed on their end. Once your account is approved by the poker room, you will receive a confirmation email and the funds will be properly credited within 3 to 5 business days. TOP
6) Q: Why would I choose one of the free money options that require a deposit?
A: If you are willing to deposit your own money, we will give you more free money. With some of the poker rooms, the minimum age requirement is also lower than the No Deposit option and the free money amount is usually much higher. TOP
7) Q: I would like to deposit some of my own money. Which offer do I choose?
A: If you are willing to make a small deposit at one of our online poker room partners, visit our Free Money Deposit Offers section. This really is our best value offer because you'll not only receive the free money from PokerSource but will also get the deposit bonus the poker room offers for your initial deposit. Choose your 'Free Poker Money Deposit Offers' promotion and proceed through the sign-up steps, creating accounts with PokerSource (if you are new to our site) and with the poker room. Be sure to deposit the minimum required by the promotion and start playing poker to earn points. Once you complete the requirements, login into your PokerSource account, go to the My Account section, and click the Finished button next to your free money promotion. We will then verify your account with the poker room, and once approved, the additional funds will be deposited into your poker account. TOP
8) Q: Can I cash out the free money as soon as you put it in my account?
A: No. You must earn a certain number of loyalty points with the poker room before you can cash out. For our free money deposit offers, you must also earn points before cashing out the funds. The point requirements are detailed on each promotion terms and conditions. TOP
9) Q: Can I do more than one free money promotion?
A: Yes, you may sign up for a new Instant Bankroll promotion every 30 days. TOP
10) Q: Can I sign up for a poker room more than once?
A: No. Only one promotion per poker room per person. TOP
11) Q: I already have an account with poker room XYZ. Am I still eligible for the free money promotion at that room?
A: No. Our terms state this promotion is for first time account signups only. If you have ever signed up or created an account with the poker room or previously downloaded the poker software you do not qualify. TOP
12) Q: Can I sign up for a free money offer if I already completed a free gift or rakeback promotion with the poker room?
A: No. Unfortunately, you are only allowed one promotion per poker room per customer. TOP