Ebony Kenney

ACR Pro Ebony Kenney dives into OSS XL: What you need to knowEbony Kenney

With over $40 million in guaranteed prize pools, ACR Poker’s Online Super Series (OSS) XL promises an action-packed poker schedule suitable for players of all skill levels. Let's dive into the insights shared by ACR Pro Ebony Kenney about what makes this series a must-play event for players.

What excites you the most about this upcoming OSS XL?

OSS XL is one of my favourite series that ACR Poker puts on, and running it right after the record-breaking Venom wraps up is a sure way to create max excitement. What truly excites me is the massive amount of guarantees that are genuinely available for ANY bankroll or buy-in amount. $40 million spread out in just over 3 weeks?! Yes please!!

How have you been preparing for it?

I’ve been getting ready for OSS by piggybacking right off of my preparation for the Venom. Making day 2 of that event and not cashing has lit a fire under my ass — hydrate, sleep, hand reviews, and being prepared to be honest and reflective about my poker game — these are the keys for me.

What specific OSS XL events are you planning to play, and why?

Okay, hear me out: I want to be the Mystery Bounty champion!! Wait, let’s try again: I am the OSS XL #2 $1.5 million guaranteed Mystery Bounty Champion. Whew, yes that feels great!!

The addition of the Mystery bounty tourneys that ACR Poker has added to the online streets has been incredibly exciting and I am so pumped. Knocking people out of a tourney has never felt so exhilarating. I will, of course, be playing the Main Events, not to mention every single OSS event I am awake and online for.

Why should players play this OSS XL? What are the main benefits?

I’ve got one phrase for you: that $60,000 leaderboard, baby! This feels like a can’t miss tourney series since ACR Poker has juiced the series with an additional $60,000 in giveaways to those playing in this series. The way to qualify?! Simply grind and cash.

Every cash in the OSS XL series gives you points, with those points added to a leaderboard. With that leaderboard being broken down into three categories (low, mid, and high), every single person who plays has a chance at a piece of the pie that ACR Poker is giving to the community. If you weren't sure how often you were going to play, here’s your sign that the answer is more! Did I mention the free $60,000?!

What key strategies would you recommend for players with limited bankrolls entering a big series like this?

Take advantage of the myriad of freerolls and micro stakes options that ACR Poker provides. I’ve got multiple in my community alone who have spun their way into a $2,650 tourney, and that’s shooting for the moon. There are a ton of satellite options and freerolls to accumulate that run good buy-in. And now we’ve got the AIOF steps (all in or fold) starting at just $1.10.

One of the biggest keys I would recommend: set a strict bullet buy-in for yourself. Create a plan beforehand, and make sure you honour that plan. Don’t let bad beats and fomo deviate you off track. Check the schedule and use the new add feature on the client to add every single freeroll and satellite to your schedule. Also, PAY ATTENTION to the ACR pros. We all run giveaways so your ticket to becoming an OSS champ could very well be waiting for you.

For players considering transitioning to the higher buy-in tournaments, what advice or tips do you have for effective schedule and bankroll management during this series?

CREATE A SCHEDULE AND STICK TO IT. I just spoke about this with buy-ins and it applies. Make sure you’re being responsible with your shot taking and not removing future opportunities for yourself by decimating your bankroll. Check in with yourself, get some good sleep, some sunlight and fresh air before playing, and enjoy yourself.

Do you have any favourite moments or experiences of playing in previous OSS XL that you can share?

Okay ya girl is an OSS and OSS XL champ several times over. So I’m looking to replicate my past victories during these series and bring that success into my $109 Mystery Bounty win!

Mark your calendar from May 5th to 27th and join ACR Poker Pros in the flagship OSS XL. With varied buy-ins, three $2 million guaranteed events or larger, a special $60,000 Leaderboard and more, don't miss your chance to grab a share of over $40 million in guaranteed prize pools. See you in the action!