Jeff Boski

Interview with ACR Poker Pro Jeff BoskiJeff Boski

As the countdown begins for the highly-anticipated $12.5 million Venom tournament, boasting its largest guarantee in history, we sat down with ACR Pro Jeff Boski to get his favourite memories from past Venom tournaments and uncover their insights, strategies, and aspirations as they prepare for what promises to be a thrilling showdown at the felt.

Q: What are your favourite memories from previous Venom series?
A: The one time I got set over set on for the chip lead on day 3.

Q: Is there a specific moment (e.g., tournament win, deep run) in past Venom series that you are proud of?
A: There was one time I 5 bet ace king pre flop in the first level and got the folds.

Q: Can you recall a challenging hand or opponent that stands out in previous Venom tournaments?
A: I recall one time when Ryan Depaulo played pocket sixes so bad on every street, I put a note on him "66? come on bro!"

Q: How has your approach to Venom evolved over the years?
A: I have become less fearful of losing. Losing a poker tournament, much like death, is an inevitability. You only have one time in this sim, make it count

Q: How do you typically prepare mentally and physically for a big online tournament series like Venom?
A: Based on anecdotal evidence, the following checklist is a necessary prerequisite in the journey of accumulating all of the chips

1. Cold Plunge
2. Green Juice
3. Touch Grass
4. Scream "ONE TIME" whenever you are all in
5. Keto
6. Yoga
7. Crossfit
8. Vegan
9. Complain about how bad you run
10. Get up out of your chair and put your backpack on whenever all in  

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring poker players looking to make their mark in online tournament series like Venom? Are there any lessons you've learned from past Venom tournament experiences that you would like to share?
A: Joey the Mush said one time that you have to win your all ins. Wise words.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about this year's Venom?
A: I am looking forward to using my one time and getting a six figure score.

Q: Why should people play this Venom?
A: The Venom only happens one time every 3 months so seize the moment.

Q: What are the various ways that people can qualify for Venom?
A: I remember one time winning the winner take all $32 turbo satty. That was a rush. There are many ways to qualify. Check out the Venom Fever satellites in the lobby.

Q: Have you ever played a Venom satellite or qualifier to secure your spot in the main event?
A: I have won numerous Venom seats through the Sunday $95 mega as well. Great value!

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