A Beginner's guide to NETELLER

One of the most frustrating things about playing poker on the Internet is the difficulty in exchanging money with the actual sites hosting the Online Poker software. The method preferred by most players is a service called NETELLER. NETELLER has been used for many years and is a proven and trustworthy tool for online poker players. The easy to use and convenient system offers speed, convenience and support, with the added attraction of weekly and monthly cash giveaways. There are additional resources that require a fee, such as the NETELLER ATM card, which gives you immediate access to your funds from almost any ATM machine. There is also INSTACASH which gives you instant transfers from your funding source to the online host of your choice.

Step 1 - Create your account

Go to the NETELLER website, www.neteller.com and click sign up to enter your information.

Step 2 - Email Confirmation

Check the email address you've just registered for the response from NETELLER.

Step 3 - Enter your Personal Details

Enter your name and the other details requested on the form. You must enter a valid telephone number at this stage because you will be called to confirm your account.

Step 4 - Verification and Currency Selection

Confirm your gender and date of birth. Canadian customers should select US dollars as your currency. Choosing US currency will save you money in the long run because as you fund your NETELLER account your money will be exchanged from your bank account or credit card's currency to US dollars which is the currency used in most Poker rooms. If you use Canadian Dollars you will be forced to exchange every time you transfer from a poker room and many rooms do not use the current exchange rate. If you live in Europe and plan on playing on a poker room that supports Pounds or Euros you should select British Pounds or Euros as your currency.

Step 5 - Completion and Final Confirmation

Your new NETELLER account is open and ready to be used. Now it's time to choose a method of funding your account.

Step 6 - Funding your account

There are four options available to you, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), INSTACASH, Credit Card or Wire transfer.


Using EFT, you can transfer funds directly from your bank account to your NETELLER account. These transactions are free, but require at least 4-5 business days to clear. To use EFT, simply register your bank account with NETELLER. This method is available to US and Canadian members only. You need to confirm your bank account with a checkbook or an Institution number, which can be obtained by calling your bank.


An INSTACASH deposit is an instant EFT. Like a regular EFT, an INSTACASH deposit withdraws money from your bank account to fund your NETELLER account. However, with INSTACASH, the deposit amount becomes available to you instantly, whereas a regular EFT takes 4-5 business days to clear. It can take up to 4 business days for the funds to leave your bank account with an INSTACASH deposit, but NETELLER makes the funds available for you to use immediately. Be aware that there is a fee of 8.9 percent of the deposit for INSTACASH. Some poker rooms cover the fee for you. Make sure your poker room pays this fee for you unless you want to play immediately.

Credit Card

Enter your credit card number to deposit. Many credit cards do not allow deposits to online gaming sites and classify NETELLER as an online gaming site so this option will not work with many credit card companies.

Wire Transfer

Bank wire deposits can be initiated from any bank worldwide. Please note that bank wires are different from EFTs (Electronic Fund Transfers). For bank wires you must physically go into your local bank, with the appropriate NETELLER Bank Wire information, to initiate a bank wire deposit to your NETELLER account. This is good for international users but less convenient than EFTs or INSTACASH as there is a lot of paper work and more physical work as opposed to just entering information and waiting.

Step 7 - Confirming your account and depositing into Poker Rooms

NETELLER then asks you to call them to confirm your deposit at this point they ask you questions to confirm your account such as your secret questions and password. After you complete this step you just need your account number and secure ID to deposit into Poker Rooms.

Now that you have completed the registration it is very convenient and easy for you to transfer from poker room to poker room.. The more you transfer the more NETpoints you receive which can be used to enter cash giveaways.

Step 8 - Withdraw your winnings

NETELLER offers a wide range of withdrawal options to suit the needs of all members, regardless of location. Withdrawing your money quickly when you need it is just as important as being able to deposit and transfer money quickly and conveniently. With NETELLER, you can withdraw funds from your NETELLER Account to your bank account and your personal NETELLER ATM Card. Withdrawals are also available by check, with several delivery methods, ranging from standard mail service to next-day FEDEX delivery.