Online Poker Tells, Part 2

Everyone has tells—things that give their hands away at the poker table, and the same is true for online poker! In part one of this series, we looked at five poker tells that are very common. In part two, we’ll look at six more that you need to be aware of, so you can own the table.

Online Poker Tell #6: Waiting for the Big Blind

In most online poker rooms, when you arrive at a table, you have the option of jumping into play, or waiting for the Big Blind. As a general rule, online players are impatient and will jump right into play no matter what the cost. If you see a player come and wait for the Big Blind, this could be a good sign that he’s a patient player and will play only strong hands.

Online Poker Tell #7: Frequent Flopping

All it takes is several hands of play to get an initial read on an opponent. Many opponents will try to always see the flop, no matter how bad their hand is. This is especially true in low limit games where seeing the flop can be very cheap. If you’re playing against someone who’s always getting in to see the flop, you can count on the fact that many of his hands may not be very good…and a little pushing will usually nudge him out of the hand.

Online Poker Tell #8: Frequent Folding

On the converse, some players will always fold their hand. This typically means they are a patient player, waiting for one of the top preflop hands to play. If they end up jumping into a round, watch out…they probably have a strong hand and won’t be afraid to bully you with it.

Online Poker Tell #9: Reloading

Sometimes you’ll notice a player who busts out, frequently reloading his cash. This probably means he has some cash in the bank, but isn’t good enough to keep it in his hand! If you see someone who’s reloading a lot, they have “fish” written all over them. Make them reload again!

Online Poker Tell #10: At the End of Their Rope

Finally, one of the best things about playing online is that you can easily see how much the other players at your table have in cash. If someone started playing with $20 and is now down to $4, chances are they’re at the end of their rope and they will either leave the table or just blow the $4. If they’ve been seeing a lot of flops, raise them with a good hand and try to get the rest. More often than not, you’ll be the one sending them packing.

There are still more online tells to come in the third and final part of this series. Keep track of these online tells, and you will get a serious edge on your opponents!