DB Dealer

DB Dealer

The DB Dealer is a product that is so ingenious, yet so simple, that it is a wonder it was not invented years ago.

All it is a dealer button with a blind level timer. That’s it. No more running to the kitchen to set the oven timer, no more hoping one of the players at your home game has a stop watch.

DB Dealer is a white, plastic disk approximately the diameter of a standard dealer puck and a half inch thick. On its face is the “DEALER” text, the DB logo, a digital display, and three easy to press buttons to control the device. The underside of the button has a compartment for the battery (coincidentally, a “button” cell, or a typical watch battery) and a small speaker.

The DB Dealer is turned on by pressing the “Start/Pause” button. Blind levels are increased in five minute increments by pressing the “Set” button, and can be set at a maximum of 95 minutes. The “Reset” button does just that – when held down, it sets the timer back to zero.

Once the timer is set, just press “Start/Pause” and it begins counting down. Press it again to pause the timer (obviously), in the event that the pizza arrives in the middle of the level. When there is one minute left in the level, the DB Dealer sounds an alarm, which sounds like a watch alarm. At the end of the level, the alarm sounds again and then resets back to previously set time.

What’s great about the DB Dealer is that it combines the timer and dealer button in one, so everyone can always see how much time is left in the round. Its design is flawless, as well. While slightly thicker than a traditional button because of the electronics, it is about the same size around, allowing for a seamless transition from the old puck. Additionally, it comes in a box the size of a deck of cards, which allows it to fit perfectly in any poker chip case. It is quite sturdy, as well, and will have no trouble surviving errant tosses around the table.

Plus, as stated earlier, it is so simple to use that anyone can learn how to operate it in a matter of seconds.

On the downside, it does not have a way to display what the blinds are, which would be an appropriate complement to the timer. Some people also may prefer some sort of stand-up display that can be seen by everybody, no matter where they are sitting. The DB Dealer display is difficult to see from across the table. At the same time, however, it eliminates the need to haul out a clock, a computer, or another device that may need to be plugged in or is otherwise just plain bulky.

DB Dealer has also released the DB2, which adds a 30 second bet clock to speed up play as well as the ability to change the blind levels in one minute increments.

The DB Dealer digital dealer button can be purchased from DB Dealer, or your can get if from our Points Store. It is a fantastic addition to any home game.