Nevada Jacks

Nevada Jacks

These are, by far, the nicest poker chips available in the Points Store . If No Limit Texas Holdem is the Cadillac of poker, then Nevada Jacks are the Cadillac of poker chips. If you're looking for a casino quality poker chip at a fraction of the price, there's no doubt that these are the poker chips for you.

Unlike the plastic-composite poker chips that are either too heavy or too light, Nevada Jacks poker chips are actual casino weight (10g). They have slightly rounded multi colored edges, which give them an authentic, broken-in, type of feel. Coloring is excellent but slightly blurred upon up-close inspection. This is likely the result of the texture of the chip. When tested side-by-side with real casino chips, these sounded almost identical.

The poker chips are also unique in that for printed high detail poker chips the images are printed on the chips. It is not a label simply stuck on the chip but rather the printed image is stamped directly to the chips themselves. The poker chips have a rough texture which actually is a plus when you're handling them. Another positive for this texture is that it makes them virtually impossible to scratch.

These poker chips will last for years in your home poker game and show little sign of wear. You'll be the talk of the table when you break out a set these poker chips!

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