Site Layout 

The homepage of PokerXFactor provides a very good overview of their site. Not only does it tell you exactly what the purpose of the site is, but it also gives you a list of all the professional poker players who make videos along with a link to a brief biography on who they are. Visitors will also find a list of the most recent videos, the most recent blog entries or articles, and the most recent PokerXFactor news.

There are only two links to signup that does not stand out very well. This is good in the sense that they don’t pressure you to sign up right away but also inconvenient in that if you do want to sign up you must take the time to locate the link to join. All of the pricing is very clear and only a few field are required to register a free account which is the first step in creating a full account, but can also let you post hands using the PokerXFactor Hand Viewer if you aren’t quite ready to shell out the cash.

Once you have your full membership set up you have access to the complete Training Center. It is here that you will find all the guts of the site. Initially you are greeted with a screen containing all the latest content. You can break this down further into different categories to find exactly the kind of video, blog entry, tournament replay or quiz that you want to focus your studying on. PokerXFactor provides a set of recommended curricula for if you want to improve on Multi-Table Tournaments, Sit-N-Go Tournaments, or Cash Games. This whole area of the site is very easy to navigate and well laid out so that you can always find exactly what you are looking for. 


Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy – co-founder of the site, JohnnyBax is famous for being one of the top online tournament players. He won the PokerStars tournament leaderboard in 2005 and has regularly been seen winning tournaments both online and live since.

Eric “Sheets” Harber – the other co-founder of PokerXFactor, is also a top ranked tournament player with live tournament success including winning a WSOP Circuit event. He is famous among the online poker community as an instructor and coach.

Eric “Rizen” Lynch – one of the featured pros that regularly produces content for PokerXFactor, has won nearly all of the largest regular online tournaments at one time or another. He has only $800k in live tournaments winnings in addition to his live success.

Chris “Fox” Wallace – A long time student and coach of the game Fox ran his own training site before becoming a part of the PokerXFactor team. He is also a contributor to Poker Pro magazine.

Adam “hatfield13” Stemple – A former partner in the training site PokerFox with pro Chris “Fox” Wallace, Stemple has been in the teaching game for over 2 years. He was initially a live pro but made the switch to online and hasn’t looked back.

PokerXFactor also has many Guest Pros who produce a variety of videos and articles on subjects that they specialize in.  


PokerXFactor has over 700 different videos to help you improve your poker game. They have videos available for every kind of poker you can imagine. From full handed to heads up, from hold’em to omaha, everyone poker player will find some videos that will teach them something new and useful. In addition to the regular screen capture type videos, subscribers get access to hand history replays of entire tournaments so that they can see exactly how a pro played to win a specific kind of tournament. These replays are sometimes accompanied by an audio commentary by the pro that played the tournament. These replays are done in the exclusive PXF Hand History Replayer which has great animation and customization options. You can also skip to specific hands or search for different criterion such as premium hands, winning hands, etc. All of these different instructional methods combine to provide a diverse and complete learning experience for any poker player looking to improve.


Every featured and guest pro on PokerXFactor has a blog in which they write entries on a regular basis. These blogs give you a window into the life of a top online pro and often provide insights and tips that poker players will find useful. There are also specific strategy articles that have been written on a number of topics that are available to all subscribers.  


In addition to all of the great resources that the instructors provide, there is an active poker community in the PokerXFactor forum. Here you will be able to discuss any poker subject you can imagine with other players looking to improve their games. You can also provide your feedback and input on the different learning materials so that the instructors will be able to produce better content that the students would like to learn more about. There is a PokerXFactor league where you can play against other members to practice what you are leaning and earn points that can be redeemed for PokerXFactor merchandise or subscription extensions. Overall PokerXFactor is an amazing resource for any poker player that is serious about learning new aspects of the game and improving on their strategies.