Poker Superstars

Poker has been around for a long, long, time, but ask the general public to name a poker superstar before 2003, and you would have received a blank stare. Since Chris Moneymaker burst onto the scene with his World Series win and fortunate name, poker has grown exponentially in popularity. With that popularity has come the development of the poker superstar.

Today, even people who don't follow poker have often heard the names Doyle Brunson, "Jesus" Ferguson, and Annie Duke. The big name poker professionals are not only fantastic poker players, but they have also begun to market themselves so effectively that some are even becoming known away from the poker table. Here on our site, we have put together short biographies and interesting facts about some of the most popular poker superstars. If you thirst for even more information, we have also included links to the stars' personal websites, as well.