David Levi

David Levi David Levi is known as one of the most grounded people in the world of poker. David was born on December 2, 1962 in Tel Aviv and he grew up in Israel, where he became a paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces as well as a professional soccer player. A knee injury derailed his soccer career and forced him to take a different path and move to the United States. Los Angeles became his new home and the place where he was introduced to poker.

His natural love of competition might have been what motivated David to become a regular at the Bicycle Club in Los Angeles. David started playing poker in the smaller buy-in events; back then he nearly lost all of the money he had brought to the United States while playing and trying to work on improving his game. Eventually David gained more poker knowledge and he moved to medium stakes rather than trying to move into the higher limits right away. His game improved, and his luck improved as well, and he attracted some financial backers and was able to start playing higher stakes and enter more tournaments.

You can find David playing in the higher limit Stud games at the Bicycle Casino. His long hair and big stage grin suggest that he has a commanding, theatrical presence. Levi certainly belongs in a casino, he is a very successful tournament player who collects tournament win after tournament win: he won the first tournament ever held at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas; in 2003, he made twelve final tables, including a third and first places finishes in the Seven Card Stud events at the California State Poker Championship and his win in the $300 Seven Card Stud event at the Legends of Poker.

Even though Seven Card Stud seems to be the game David has had the most success with, he also has final table appearances in all the versions of Texas Hold’em; No Limit, Limit and Pot Limit. He’s won more than $2 million at World Series of Poker events over the years. David currently lives in Las Vegas; despite his success, he has remained a fairly low-profile professional poker player. David Levi has done more than hold his own at the poker tables; he is always a threat to the competition and he is more than likely to appear at a final table near you.

David Levi has live tournament winnings that exceed $3.3 million and 37 WSOP cashes to his resume.