David Ulliott

David Ulliott Coming from the small Northern England town of Hull, David "The DevilFish" Ulliott was a real character that was as mysterious and cutthroat as his nickname. As a youth, he seemed to find trouble wherever he went which was usually around bookies, not-so-friendly pool halls, the race track or other assorted off-licensed establishments. He has spent time in prison, including long stretches of isolation. The first occasion was for robbery- he was part of a safe-cracking team who worked with the shop owners in insurance fraud schemes - and the other for getting in a fight outside a nightclub. He eventually went straight and pursued a career as a jeweler among other things.

David Ulliot began playing poker with his family as a young child, learning such games as 3 Card Brag. When he was 'old enough' - around 16 - he would frequent Hull's Fifty-One Club Casino to play cards rather than attending school. Later on he would host poker games in his shop and play in'home games', where he always seemed to be the big winner. He continued to play cards and gamble with bookies, having great success with both. He worked on his tournament game and in 1996 he won £100,000 over a two-week period.

His nickname was originally "Dave the Clock," given to him after he showed up with a grandfather clock as his buy-in to a local game. It was allegedly replaced in 1995 when gambler Stephen Yeung nicknamed him "DevilFish" -- Asian delicacy that can be poisonous if not prepared correctly. That nickname stuck.

The DevilFish is one of the few non-Americans to win a World Series of Poker event. While his favorite game was four card Omaha, during non-poker days, he made his trade as a jeweler. Many admired his large rings on each hand which he made himself: one reads "DEVIL" and the other "FISH."  He set up his own online poker room called DevilFish; however he says that "many on-line players do not know what they are doing when playing, which makes them harder to play against."

His lifetime total live tournament winnings exceed $6.2 million.  David Ulliott died in 2015 from colon cancer at the age of 61.

David Ulliott Fun Facts and Finishes

  • Operates a poker site, Devilfish Poker , which is part of the Entraction Networks.
  • He has seven children and two ex-wives.
  • He loves music and plays the piano and the guitar.
  • In 2007, won the World Poker Open No-Limit Hold'em at the Gold Strike Hotel Casino
  • In 2006, won the Five Diamond World Poker Classic WPT
  • In 2003, won the WPT Jack Binion World Poker Open.
  • In 2002, won the World Poker Open Pot Limit Omaha High.
  • In 1998, he placed second in the WSOP Pot-Limit Hold'em.
  • He's been banned from all British bookmakers because of his consistent winning.

World Series of Poker Bracelets



Prize (US$)


$2,000 pot limit Texas hold 'em