Hello, my account is Bobinaz. I am from Russia, For the first time, I heared about poker, specifically about hold'em, few years ago, before this, poker was for me a pretty boring game, all my knowledge about him was only: you got cards and shoud collect combinations that you need to collect to win.


My first steps in hold'em I did in university. I had time, which had to be killed. The first game I played in the app in my phone. I did not understand anything, no rules, no fact, no strategy game. But i read the rules, learn about the combinations, the procedure of the game and its features, and with that came the interest. The first sesions I played like in roulette.


There was no plan, strategy, lifting, what you can do, and what not to do. But...I got the excitement, the adrenaline and the desire to collect all the chips from the table. After collecting a few thousand chips, I decided that I have talant to poker and decided to go to poker rooms. And i started to find some bonuses or promotions, and ...Bingo, find pokersource with their great promotions. I learned all pokerrooms tha was in pokersource list, and choose Tigergaming, as the room with good reputation, quick cashouts (yes i belived that will get out thousands of bucks. and goodfree gift for this promo. Made deposit 50 bucks I Then, with full confidence in my power began to try myself in nl10, and here I put in place - the game was very different from i plaed before. So i lost first deposit((


Then came the understanding that I need to change my game. So i decided take a pause ( thats great that pokersource give 60 days on promo and you shoudnt hurry. I read some forums, watched some videos, made second deposit 100 bucks. The game was leveled, I stopped doing stupid things at the table, and there was a certain practical experience. And i finaly finshed requirements of promo, then my account was veritified with a room and i get my Pokersource points, which i converted to Skrill. Now i have prety good bankroll, for NL10 at least))


Now I just developIing my own strategy of the game, to get new experience, to comprehend it and to multiply it. I hope to be able to improve my results. Thanks pokersource!!))