Hello, my name is Eugene, I live in Moscow. Poker has become part of my life in January, 2014. Since that time, I learned a lot about poker, and learn how to play to and start winning.

The first year I went from one discipline to another discipline and from room to room, mainly rolled SNG, but then settled on Partypoker, and began to play cash FullRing, but moved to the 6 max 10 in a couple of months, and gradually reached the NL 50 Only here the last time, I covered a wild streak, and I lost almost all my money. So I decided to take a break and look for ways of adjunction of my bankroll.

Deposit bonuses, offers affiliates rakeback etc and then - WOW! I discovered PokerSource Free Gift offers, that was awesome. This is one of the best poker sites on, that will provide up and coming poker players with a FREE bankroll to start their online poker careers. The best thing about Pokersource is that it is totally free to sign up and very easy to follow the instructions in order to receive a poker promotion. I personally used this site to advance my poker career by using their free gift promotion at one of the top Canadian poker rooms, Tigergaming.

I received my free gift points after 5 business days after I completed this promotion and converted thes PokerSource points in to Skrill gift card ( 100 bucks), I was able to build a large bankroll just by receiving this money.

Highly recommended this site for all new in the poker business) And when you will complete all online poker promotions, don't forget to chek your email, New rooms added very often!!) And also, they have great support by email, really fast.