Hello everyone, my name is Gianluca Ragusa, I am 42 years old and have always been passionate about poker.  Four years ago I discovered online poker and I grew very fond of the game. But when I tried to subscribe to the sites I saw that to get the best promotions and bonuses I needed to be recommended by a friend, and since I had just discovered online poker I did not know anybody.  Browsing the internet, I discovered this beautiful site PokerSource (when I joined it was still called POKER SOURCE ONLINE).  I joined this wonderful site that offers many services including free poker gifts from them if you sign up with a poker room, if you reach certain goals (set in advance and not particularly difficult to reach), free poker money if you achieve other goals, or rakeback if you wish - I seemed to generate a lot of rake.  Also there are many other services that I appreciated very much, such as the forum where you can discuss various issues, and request the resolution of any problems via the moderators, who will promptly respond by simplifying all the procedures. Also, there are often freeroll tournaments with prizes from $1000 to $5000.

But the thing I appreciate the most are the leagues, a series of tournaments that takes place usually 2 times a year and lasts a few months. Every tournament, in addition to money generated from entry fees, awards PS points (which can be used in many stores) in addition to the satisfaction of competing with others. I personally signed up for 15 online poker rooms over 4 years such as Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and Absolute Poker to name a few; of course I have not completed all requirements because I have found some to be confusing; some took a longer time, others took me a day to complete the requirements for the bonus and I continued to play because I liked them. In short, out of the fifteen poker room I joined I have completed about 11, and I have received beautiful chip sets and books sent to my home, along with accumulating PS points (over 100,000) that I can used in shop or turn into a money transfer. In short, my experience with PokerSource was great, also there are always new initiatives such as when making parties at major events (I remember a party held before the WSOP in 2007.)

Besides all this, PokerSource offers members the chance to refer the site to their friends to get even more benefits if the friend completes promotions.

In conclusion, PokerSource has made I don't know how many millions of fans all over the world happy by sending out free gifts of poker. I can tell you from my heart that you should subscribe too!


PokerSource username: CAVALLO2  

City: Teramo

Country: Italy


PokerSource is the home of the original Free Poker Money and Free Poker Gifts promotions.  If you want to check out some of same offers CAVALLO2 signed up for click here.