Hello everyone, I am here on GameOver PokerSource and I'm here to tell you about my exciting experience with this site and this great game called Poker. I am Brazilian, and was on the internet trying to find new possibilities to improve my game and my reward was when I found the Poker Source.

My first impression on this site was amazing. This is because in the PokerSource Store I could find a wider variety of products on the Internet. You can redeem your Points for Source DVD's on poker, the best software to improve your game, more books about the different tactics of the game, among many others, finally is the largest store on the Internet.

After seeing these wonderful rewards decided to create my account at PokerSource, and create an account on any poker room affiliated with PokerSource. So I chose the Red Kings, that because this room has a good traffic to S & G Multi Tables.

I made my first deposit of $50.00 and when I reached the mark of 1,000 points at Red Kings I would have right to spend 12,000 Source Points in PokerSource Store, so an additional 2,500 points for the fact that the Room of the Month was Red Kings.

At first I thought it would be difficult not to lose all my money and get those 1,000 points. But the fact is that money earned while I won my points.
When I got my 1000 player points I had four times more money than I had with my first deposit and plus 14,500 Source Points to spend in store. In other words, had deposited my first $ 50.00, plus $ 50.00 played and won over $ 100.00 released through the first deposit bonus at Red Kings. So when I won my 1,000 points, was $ 200.00 and over 14,500 Source Points to spend in the store website. This was amazing.

With my 14,500 Source Points decided to buy the S & G Wizard, is an amazing software that allows you to improve my poker game. This software allows you to improve your game at the stage of Push or Fold. You will certainly notice a significant improvement in earnings with this software. The whole process of acquiring the license of the program lasted less than one day.

But I ended up spending only 10,500 points with S & G Wizard, leaving you 4,000 points that I could spend on any other product in the store. To be able to increase my amount of Source Points, I discovered some other way to conquer them.

One of the simplest ways are you "Like" page of PokerSource on Facebook by doing this I gained over 500 Source Points to spend in store.
For all these reasons I believe that Poker Source is the best deal for any poker player. You can use these advantages to become a better poker player and more profitable.

I'd like to say Thank You Poker Source for all these advantages you have given me in the poker world. Poker Source is definitely the best deal.

And I would say to whoever is reading this testimony: You can close the deal with Poker Source, because you will not regret it.

GameOver, Itajai - Santa Catarina - Brazil