Hello from me! My name is Ivan and coming from Bulgaria. I am relatively new to online poker. I am a musician by trade. But as you know the saying, for a musician it's very hard to feed the household and provide for the family. And if you are not famous, it's almost impossible to make a living. I average one performance per week and it isn't enough.

The good thing is I have a lot of free time. So I started looking for different ways to make additional income. I don't advise anyone to type into Google "ways to make income just from your computer"! Most the sites you will come up will be absolute scams, that promise you to become a millionaire in just a few days with just a few clicks. Hopefully I wasn't blindly tempted by these offers.

Then a friend told me that he is playing online poker for a living. At first I thought it's just gambling and another scam. But he showed me his cashouts and I knew he hasn't worked an actual job for years! I was very interested and he started teaching me. He also told me that rakeback is very important, because when you play in a poker room you pay so much rake that it can be 10$+/hour even at micro stakes.

When I was confident enough after playing with play money and winning some money in freerolls, I asked my friend which is the best rakeback deal of them all. And of course he told me about PokerSource! More than 100% rakeback and with low rake requirements to complete the offers. I made my first deposit to PokerStars through PokerSource and made the needed rake to get the PokerSource points in less than a week at microstakes!

I received my PokerSource points almost immediately and decided I will convert them to cash through skrill! The conversion rate is 1:1, so I got more than 100% rakeback through PokerSource! And the money arrived in my skrill account in less than a day! I played in betonline also through PokerSource. The games were softer than in Pokerstars and I managed to make a big profit also. You can also stack the promotions fromPokerSource   and the poker room you are playing at to make 100%+ rakeback, which is fantastic! I even recommended PokerSource to friends and they also tried the site.


Thank you PokerSource!

Ivan, Bulgaria

username Lord2720