I started playing poker several years ago, but mostly with friends- live poker with cents.  I played some online also, but the variance was kiling me. I had situations ranging from difficult to awkward to joyous to infuriating and everything to nothing in between. I started with Limit Holdem but the traffic was steadily decreasing so eventually I decided to switch to No-Limit Holdem. 

At first I tried the 9-man tables, but they were so nitty I was bored so much. There were many situations where I had to fold KK, just because I was sure my opponent had AA! That was very depressing so I switched to heads-up Sit-And-Goes.

I found them to be the entirely opposite to the 9 man cash tables and won some money, but the stress was too much to me because I had to think through every hand if I wanted to win.

So after trying it a few times, I finally decided that 6-max No-Limit Holdem was my game. Not that I have great successes playing poker, but Pokersource for sure helped me boost my bankroll tremendously.  

I stumbled upon PokerSource accidently on a poker forum. I can honestly say that I was suspicious at first, because the promotions were so damn good! I have never seen anything like it in any other affiliate site!

I decided to give it a try after all. I registered through PokerSource on Full Tilt. I was not afraid for my money on Full Tilt because it was bought from Pokerstars, after all. And I trust Pokerstars, they are number one and my favourite site. I really hope PokerSource makes a promo for them by the way!

So the requirements for the Pokersource promo for Full Tilt were ridiculously low. I completed them with great ease and even won money in the process on top of the great bonus from PokerSource.  The software of Full Tilt was amazing When I decided to withdraw my PokerSource points to my skrill account there  weren’t  any problems, and they were sent in less than 24 hours by the pokersource staff. That’s faster than most poker rooms! I was very pleasantly surprised, way to go PokerSource!

So after I knew for sure that PokerSource was a legit site, I registered through them for Betonline, Chico Network. I found the software worse than Full Tilt, but still was manageable. The players on the other hand were many levels below the players on Full Tilt! It was amazing, I was crushing the tables! Sadly this was a period of my life when I didn’t have much time to devote to my favourite hobby- playing poker online, so I couldn’t complete the requirements on time- 60 days. Usually 60 days are more than enough for the PokerSource requirements, but as I said it was my fault, not PokerSource’s.

I decided to write them an email about the issue and can you guess?! They decided to extend my promotion and give me a few extra days to complete the promotion. So I made the points and received my PokerSource points! PokerSource is the best! I highly recommend it, their customer support is on par with the best promotions and much better than most poker sites!


Targovishte, Bulgaria