Hi everyone, I am Serge from St. Petersburg in Russia. I’ve worked with multiple affiliates since I started playing online poker back in 2010, but the guys at PokerSource seem to be the only ones I know who were able to continue maintaining their business. It’s a really good idea to search for additional value when you are not a professional player yet, you don’t want to bring in too much of your own money or if you realize that sometimes rake takes your profit away. That’s how I found PokerSource. Just like now, they were offering free poker gifts, so I enjoyed the possibility to follow their promos, especially when every month an additional reward was given for one or another room. It is also always exciting to test new poker rooms that become new PokerSource partners.

I still play at several rooms I initially discovered thanks to PokerSource. With their free poker gifts + monthly promotions + usual first deposit bonus at poker rooms I could reach up to 100% or even higher rakeback at most of the new rooms. Just imagine that you are not only not paying any rake but also getting additional rewards. Actually, that's how I established my bankroll that allowed me to continue playing and to go higher through the limits.

For example, completing 5 promotions made me about 600 USD within several months. Affiliate earnings for just recommending PokerSource to my poker friends made me additional 180 USD. For a NL10/NL25 player it was a nice doping and extra value. In my country, it is equal to one or two months wage. So I could then invest funds further, and I never had a feeling that I’m losing my own money even in the bad periods of the career.

Important to mention is also that I never struggled to track my account to PokerSource or to confirm the fulfillment of bonus conditions. I then got my money to my Skrill account quite rapidly and could top up my bankroll when needed. Great opportunity for a starter.

My skill slightly increased and the bankroll grew, so soon I found myself playing NL50 and MTT at middle limits. At the peak of my career my bankroll was tens of thousands and I couldn’t resist to relocate to Thailand for one of the winters and to live the life that a real poker pro deserves!  Currently, I am no longer a grinder or pro, but I still show up at tables. Everything changed since 2010 or even since 2015, but it is a pleasure to see that PokerSource is still in business and still offers the most valuable promotions.

To summarize, after such long years of experience and upon having tested plenty of poker rooms, I was amazed to find out that PokerSource still has offers for rooms I don't have an account with. They are still on fire and offering really competitive deals. I am not sure that such free gifts or bonuses are still available elsewhere. So PokerSource surely deserves a recommendation. A partner who was really helpful to allow my acquaintance with poker and all the ecosystem and the progress in it.

PokerSource Username: autumn_shade

Country: Russia