Hey. My name is Yauheni. I am from Belarus, Minsk. I work in a bank specialist to work with clients. I am fond of rock music. My life was fairly routine. In my spare time, I mainly went to rock concerts and vacationing with my colleagues. One day my colleague Denis offered me to play poker with his friends. Until that moment I had never played and I was curious. I do not even know the combinations. So I always had to watch the table with them.


The most interesting thing is that no one could understand I'm bluffing or not, because I did not know a good card at me or not. In the end, I finished 2nd out of 7 people. In fact, it did not mean anything, but my interest in poker has grown considerably. A few times we have gathered to play poker. I decided to approach it seriously, began to study the materials on poker, Denis advised me to play on the Internet. About 3-4 months I played an average of 2 hours after the operation and one hour watching video, reading books on poker. Basically play turned to zero.


The money which I deduced was ridiculous, it was necessary to grow up. A friend of Denis, who played Internet poker for about 2 years, spoke about the great bonuses on pokersource.com site. I immediately signed up and began to play. I played a few bonuses and Pokersource generously rewarded me for it. My bankroll has grown significantly due to these bonuses. Now I have given all free time to increase my level. Many thanks pokersource for this opportunity to test myself at different poker rooms, and at the same time earn good money!!!


I highly recommend this wonderful site, both novices and regular players to increase your bankroll.


Thank you!

Username: cqarimver