How I Came to Play Poker

I grew up in Michigan in the United States. Like most kids, I played variants of draw poker for pennies as a kid, but never really took an interest in Hold ‘Em until I moved to the Philippines in 2010. A buddy of mine lives here and he is absolutely crazy about poker. I mean, the only thing this dude watches is American football, downloaded HBO dramas, and poker. I feel sorry for his poor girlfriend, because not only does he watch poker all the time, he analyzes (and makes her analyze) everything they watch. He makes her count outs, explain why players are doing what they’re doing – the whole works. Once I moved to the Philippines, he had a new victim – me. I don’t know who was more relieved about my arrival – he or his girlfriend. Every time I went to his house, he’d make me watch old episodes of High Stakes Poker or the Pokerstars Big Game. I started getting into it. It was also good to watch these shows with an experienced player and listen to him explain the players’ thought processes. Eventually, I started sweating him as he played 10nl online. Again, he would explain his thinking to me while he played; he also introduced me to poker strategy forums. Finally, I decided to deposit. I think this was part of his selfish plan all along, because he immediately introduced me to Pokersource via his referral code.

My Pokersource Career So Far

I started off with the Room of the Month – Carbon Poker (Merge Network). I deposited $100 (under rolled!) and played 10nl (without a tracker!). I only played 1 or 2 tables at a time with my friend sweating me. My results were erratic, but after about 5 weeks I managed to clear the bonus. I got 10,000 points, plus 2,500 points for the Room of the Month. In addition, I got about $30 or $40 in bonus money from Carbon, plus my buddy got $30 for the referral – and I made money on my first foray into internet poker. Not bad! I used some of my points to buy Poker Tracker 3 then deposited on Lock Poker (also Merge). This was right around the time of Black Friday and a lot of people from Stars and FT migrated to Merge. I was tearing it up until Merge temporarily stopped accepting US players and then I went on a llllooonnnnggg breakeven streak. It was a battle of the regs, as no more fish could deposit and only the hardest of the hardcore stuck around. Fortunately, I managed to clear my bonus and get out of there. Again, I got 10,000 in points, plus 2,500 for the Room of the Month, plus profit, plus bonuses cleared – and my buddy got his $30 referral from PokerSource again! Most recently, I just completed a promotion on Betfair, who I cannot recommend. Either Ongame is rigged or variance finally came to bite me in the butt, because I had a serious case of run-bad. Over the course of the 8k or so hands of 10nl I needed to clear the Pokersource requirements, I dropped about $130. I also earned a grand total of $2 for trading in points on Betfair. I earned no bonus at all, as Betfair disburses bonuses in increments of $100; to get that bonus, I would have had to play around 30k hands. At the rate I was going on Betfair, I would have lost $600 trying to get that $100. But here’s the great thing about Pokersouce: even though I lost $130 on Betfair, in reality I only lost about $30. By completing the Pokersouce promotion, I earned 10,000 points, which is roughly a $100 value. So, $130 - $100 = -$30. It could have been worse! Oh, and let’s not forget that my friend got another $30 – meaning he’s gotten $90 from my hard work – while he just did nothing but refer me. Not bad for him! However, I will not be deterred. I’m waiting to see who the Room of the Month will be next month, and I will either do that promotion or the Betwin promotion.

The Benefits of Pokersource

Pokersouce is great. By playing 3 rooms, I earned 35,000 points; at a value of roughly 100 points to $1, I’ve gotten about $350 from Pokersource! I bought Poker Tracker 3 and am about to order a $250 Amazon gift certificate – just in time for Christmas! Even when I lost money on one site, my losses were offset by the points I got from Pokersource. Also, I was referred by my friend. He earned $30 for every promotion I completed, so he’s gotten $90. I plan on doing several more, so he can look forward to more free money. Perhaps I should start asking for a cut of the profits! Simply put, Pokersource is one of the best deals going in internet poker. Sign up today!


PokerSource Username: Felixblaze

Country: Philippines