Good evening! I’m around 40 and can say that poker is a great part of my life. This game helps to keep mind vivid and young. All my life I played poker only face-to-face. Not long ago my son recommended me to try myself in online. I only heard about it before and never played.

What can I say? They are absolutely different games! I could never imagine that my experience would be so useless. It was difficult for me to change the way I thought during the real poker but I haven’t regret that I spent time and finally overcame all obstacles.

What I like in online poker the most is that you can join the people from all over the world and play whenever you like, not only during weekends when you meet with friends. If you ask me about money… I can’t say that it’s the good way for getting it. The whole life I considered it more like sport with its feeling of adrenaline and competitive spirit than earning process. For money I have a real job and for joy I have poker.


username: garshanni

Minsk, Belarus