My name is Maksim. I am 21. First I'd like to say a big thanks to PokerSource team! I live in a country with $250-300 average salary. It's not good, and if you want something like 2 week vacation in other country once in year, you can't do it on your salary. It's really sad. After university you can find a job only for a $150-200 salary. So I have to play poker.

Before I found PokerSource, I played 3-5$ s'n'g at PokerStars. It was not so good - I couldn't win the money, my salary was a rakeback about 25-30% which is about 150$-200$ per month. In short, I had about 350$/month. But then one day I found PokerSource.com ... :)

After registering, I first deposited at PartyPoker. I heared about this poker room and wanted to try playing at it. I was really happy when I saw that for 100$ in rake I can recieve 120$ from PokerSource!! When I completed requirements and cash out the PokerSource points, I couldn't stop :) Now I'm playing Betfair poker, and I'll try all poker rooms here.

It's great for my bankroll (I couldn't push the limits, because I have to withdraw all rakeback from PokerStars). And second - I tried another poker network and see that it can be much better than PokerStars. Hope in one day I won't work for 300$ 40 hours/week and become pro poker player.

Thank you so much! Hope for many more promotions and new free poker gift offers!


Username - hisherstix