Hello. My name Nikita. I live in Russia and I’m 27 years old. I started playing poker a long time ago when I was student. And now poker is a part of life, I continue playing now as hobby. I played in a different network and my results was pretty good. But this year I got a really bad run and began to lose a lot.  My bankroll became lower and lower.  I was very upset and I knew from my friend that there is site where you can get a different bonuses for playing in different poker rooms. Thats how I learned about PokerSource.com.  I learned that if I finished all promotion requirements I would get at least $400 and it would be a great addition to my small bankroll.

The first room that I signed up for was TigerGaming. There you need only to play $150 rake to earn the free poker gift. I knew that it is a room which offers poker games to Americans.  So I thought its great and there will be a lot of weak players. And it was true.  There are a lot of games in No Limit Holdem especially on 9 max tables which is not so popular in other small rooms and it it is much easier to play there. So I have played there for one week and doubled up my deposit.  Requirements for PokerSource I completed in couple days.  It was very easy and I got my first poker gift.

The second room I tried was from Asian network, GGPoker. Its a new network and there are a lot of fishy players on microlimits. The games are very loose so first you have to get used to it and play tight:)  Its usual there to see all the table limp preflop. Requirements for PokerSource also was easy.  Just $150 rake that takes about one week.  I want to say this room have very good software and many different bonuses.  Also I had some problems with finishing it but the support of PokerSource helped me and everything was alright.

Another room I played from PokerSource was AmericasCardroom.  I figured that it would be nice to play again with Americans but unfortunately I got there a really bad run and lost a little bit but want to say there are also a lot of bonuses for players and there are enough weak players.

I want to say a great thanks to PokerSource for providing offers every months which gives a great addition of poker points especially in December 2017 (2500 points for every room).  This is wonderful and  for 3 rooms I get about 30000 PokerSource Points.  I am very happy that I registered on this best poker site with free stuff, great support and good forum to discuss with other users everything to do with poker. I will also complete other rooms and I wish to see in future a new poker rooms you will work with.

Good luck everyone at the tables!

PokerSource Username: jj_nikitos

Country: Russia