Good day! I’m pretty new with the internet poker and find www.pokersource.com very helpful! My friend who has been playing poker for a long time was a little bit tired of my endless questions about everything that concerns this game and recommended me this site.

 I knew nothing about rakes and thought that the only way to earn money was to win. Without PokerSource I wouldn’t have taken part in promotions in order to earn points which then can be turned into money! I think PokerSource does really great job providing poker beginners like me with opportunity to receive money just for playing poker, without taking into consideration whether I won or lost. Not being experienced enough I was a little bit afraid that poker would be not the source of
income, but expenses, so I want to thank you! Maybe I earn less than I imagined, but I’m satisfied with it, because now I understand that poker is not just a game but the work, which you should practice every day. Nice way to do it is to install special programs and play at least one hour a day, I also watched videos of poker superstars' games on youtube and read books, the list of which I found on the Pokersource.

There’s a section full of helpful articles dedicated to poker too, especially I liked “Analyzing a poker bonus” and “Playing tight, preflop”.

I should also mention that support team works very quickly. It’s not like I ask question, then wait,  guessing why my question is ignored and receive the answer the time when it’s too late and I’ve already got information from somewhere else. And I appreciate it a lot. It’s really important, because sometimes there’s no time to wait and the money is at stake.

Good luck and have fun playing!