Hello, my name is Pavel. I am from Tomsk Russia. With poker I met at the end of 2008. Accidentally saw on TV a broadcast of EPT, the game I was immediately captured, and even then there was the dream ever be at a poker table in a big tournament.

First, absolutely do not understand the intricacies of the game, began to play for money. Lost my entire paycheck over and over again. Then when I started to win some money, immediately began to withdraw, not realizing that you need to invest in bankroll and increase the limits. Like all beginning I had a lot tiltover, and now know that to fight with tilt, you elementary need a large bankroll.

And I began to look for ways to accumulate your bankroll, and then I stumbled upon PokerSource. I am already had an online poker experience, and have some money for deposit, so I choose Free Gift Promo.

I create account in PokerSource, downloaded the Tigergaming Poker from their site and I then followed instructions and made an account. I deposited the qualifying amount of money. They also require you to complete certain number of raked hands or earn specific points. I completed the points that was required by PokerSource.

It was pretty easy. Once I was done with all the requirements. I went back on my account page at PokerSource and clicked a button that I have completed the requirements. Once they have confirmed that I have completed all the requirements, they credited me with the gift, that was 10000 PokerSource Points. I used it to order $100 Skrill gift card. You can do whatever you want with your points in Point Store. In a 3 days I received my money on my Skrill account. I’m glad that I signed up with PokerSource. And I will continue earn my bankroll here, after successful first experience.

And also, PokerSource offers members the chance to refer their friends, and get 30 bucks if the friend completes promotions.