My name is Uladzimir. I started to play poker less than one year ago. It’s great that for online-poker doesn’t play any role whether you are a pro or just started to play 5 minutes ago, and the rules of the game are still smth of another planet, because there’re games for both types.

I find poker very interesting and challenging game. It’s a big problem when you’re addicted and start to invest in it huge sums of money without enough experience. For me it’s not a source of earning money, but the way I can relax and have fun. I think you clearly understand, that different bonuses and additional money that you receive without any risk make you very loyal to the site, that provide you whit them. For me it’s PokerSource.

I think that the most important thing new players should do is to become a part of ‘forum family’ and to be ready to learn, learn and one more time learn!

Username: wor4lass

Minsk, Belarus