Hello, my name is Anna and I am 25 years old. I live in Gomel, Belarus and work as an office manager so my everyday task is to organise the process of work within an office in the most effective way.

At work I have seen that during the coffee breaks my colleagues were gathering around a computer of a guy that was playing some card game. I was curious about what he was doing and when I came closer I saw that he was playing poker. 

I have a little experience because I played poker from time to time with my father, but I have never seen someone playing it online. While I watched this guy playing he was losing about a half of tables he played. I wondered whether it was profitable for him or he just plays for fun. The guy who played told me that there is no necessity in constant winning when playing online. The main profit comes from partner sites which give you money for every completed promotion. To complete it you should play some tables at the poker room which is provided by the partner site. He asked me if I also want to try to play online, I don’t know if it was for a joke or seriously. But I decided to try to play like that. My colleague advised me to choose as benefits here are very sweet. I registered at PokerSource and began to play online poker.

I made my first steps using advises of my colleague. My playing style was very discreet and it took me a long time to achieve some progress. My first choice as poker room was Betfair poker. Because I played at low limits my opponents were not so tough and it helped me to keep my bankroll balance as well as bonuses from Betfair. It took about two month for me to complete promotion on PokerSource but I was playing just for myself. It was interesting for me to see whether gambling could be considered as a way of making money. My overall profit including all bonuses from the poker room and PokerSource was about 70 euros. Considering the time I paid the game and my skill level it was rather good result for me. And I can assume that for a person who really involved in the game and takes it seriously it be a real opportunity for earning some money. 

The thing that pleasantly surprised me is that there is a big choice of poker rooms at, and lots of additional promotions like extra points are given every month. There is also a big amount of gifts you can buy for your PokerSource Points, not only the money. By the way, I want to say big thanks for simple and comfortable interface of site, every stage of registering and promotion signing up was very clear and understandable. Summing up my experience here, this is a great place to start your poker career whatever your poker level is.


PokerSource username: galoisfill

Country: Belarus