My name is Dmitry and I would like to tell my poker story for you.

I was born in Minsk, Republic of Belarus 26 years ago. My family is very amicable and usually at holiday evenings we all playing in some table games. When I was 9, my father gave me a small casino set and taught me play poker. Since then we all play in poker. Not for money of course, only for fun.

Family games in the evenings have become a good tradition. When I grew up, I started to invite my friends to play poker together. It is a good way to get to know a person better. My parents are not against it, they are happy to know my new friends.

I graduated from high school and university. Then I went to work as a manager in a vacuum cleaner company. It was very hard at first, because I did not understand the business very well.  I made friends with one guy who started to help me. After a while, I've mastered all the chores, but the friendship with this guy continued. And one day I invited him to play poker with my family.

When he came to visit me, I was surprised by his manner of playing. It seemed to me that he was unhappy with the fact that we did not play for money. Because he played very good.

The next day he said that I played poker very well and asked if I had ever played for money. I replied that I was not rich enough to risk so much money. And then it turned out that my friend has been playing online poker for a long time. He told me that you can register on the partner site and at the end of the series of games get a guaranteed bonus. I did not understand how this works, but he showed me his game cabinet directly on the work computer. It turns out, he plays poker right in the office when there are no customers.

I became interested and decided to try. My friend told me about PokerSource.com. I believed him and registered there.

Next step I start playing at Betfair Poker room.  I chose this poker room, because I saw that it suits me most: a simple interface, everything is intuitively clear.
At first it was very difficult for me to get used to online poker. I am used to watching the reaction of the players and talking to them. Also it was hard for me to lose in games. But my friend reassured me that my winnings from PokerSource.com do not depend on the outcome of the games.

Then I calmed down and began to play more confidently. It worked for me, because I soon began to enjoy the process of playing online poker. I did not notice how I fulfilled all the conditions. I did not have to make much effort, I just played poker at a time when I did not work. Amazingly! I'm really grateful to my friend for this tip.

I'm not going to stop and plan to continue playing despite it's been a while since I finished my promotion. I think next holidays I will tell my family about this resource and players in online poker will be more.

PokerSource Username: hangfour5

Country: Belarus