My name is Max, I am 25 years old and I live in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. I started to play poker while I was at university. It was in 2009 I guess, I was in my fist year. These years were really the golden time for playing this game online. Huge amount of poker site began to appear, as well as high speed internet. The conditions that these poker rooms provided were very attractive. And I decided to take advantage of it.

My two mates from university let me join their poker group and showed me way you should play online. The first step was to read some poker literature, mostly about basics. It helped me to understand the way this game is played and to feel more confident.

I also watched some offline tournaments on Youtube, and it is very fascinating to see how players act under pressure. Of course the game in real life is completely different from online tournaments because you have to hide your emotions when playing with people who are sitting near you. And the pressure is obviously much higher when you are playing at WSOP or EPT instead of low limit tournaments online.

My next step I was thinking about was managing my bankroll. I did not have a big bankroll, so it was very important to distribute my money carefully. I had to choose poker rooms where I could comfortably play low limit tournaments. At this stage my friends advised me to use site PokerSource. After registering here you can take advantage of different bonuses, all you have to do is to join certain poker rooms from their list. On completion of the requirements, you will be given the amount of PokerSource Points which you can spend to buy some interesting poker gifts and stuff or exchange them for money.

These conditions are very cool for those who are in doubt about their game skills and does not have a big bankroll, but I guess that more skillful players also can use the benefit of PokerSource because it allows you to have some insurance even in case you lose a lot during the game.

So I decided to play Betfair Poker because it is very well known poker room and promotion conditions were good. While playing I was trying to apply all my knowledge to the game. It was very important to feel the balance between playing too cautiously and making inappropriate bluff. Also the rake in sit and go tournaments here was a little bit high for my taste but as I mentioned before additional points from PokerSource really level the gap, even though you lose part of your bankroll. As for me, I finished the room in the plus, so including the reward from PokerSource I got a good profit.

Thus I’d like to say that it is a very cool experience for me. Playing poker on PokerSource eases gaming process a lot by providing nice conditions and bonuses for players. I hope I will continue to enjoy playing poker here.

PokerSource Unsername: rudedonut4

Country: Belarus