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 Post subject: Doyle's Room I out of line here?
PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:48 am 
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This is in regards to the current Take 2 promotion running there.

Terms and Conditions.
Players must be 18 years of age to participate.
Employees and immediate family members of employees of DoylesRooom and its associated companies are not eligible to take part in the Promotion.
DoylesRoom reserves the right to alter, modify or terminate the Promotion and/or these Terms at any time, without notice (written or verbal) where it is reasonable to do so.
To be eligible for the Promotion players must be seated at two tables or more with stakes equal to or greater than $.10/$.20; cannot be sitting out and; must play a total of 100 raked hands across all tables combined.
Tournament tokens will be awarded to the accounts of players who have reached the 100 hand quota across 2 tables or more within 24 hours of the close of each day (11:59pm GMT).
It is the responsibility of the player to register themselves for the $1,000 Kamikaze tournament using the awarded tokens.
Two for the Money Kamikazes will run once each day at 9:47 GMT from October 6 to November 5, 2010. Two for the Money tournament tokens can be used for any of these dates.
Two for the Money Kamikazes award cash to the top 20 finishers.
Unused Two for the Money tournament tokens cannot be used after Nov 5, 2010.
Players may not transfer, sell or award their Two for the Money tournament tokens to anyone else.
DoylesRoom management decisions are final.

I have bolded the item that causes the biggest share of the issue.

Am I the only one that thinks that after you have completed the 100 raked hands, across 2 tables of the appropriate stakes, that I would have met my requirements?

Am I alone in thinking that my being denied the entry because as I was leaving the last table, well beyond 100 hands, I didn't get off the table fast enough, and the system sat me out because I didn't post the blind, is unreasonable?

They had to send me this because it wasn't on my computer because I wasn't around for the end of the hand.

Hand #2377014145001568 ----------
No Limit, Texas Hold'em, 0.1/0.2 USD, - October 08, 2010 23:41:07 (GMT), October 09, 2010 00:41:07 (Local)
Table: Calgary 14145 - Seat 6 is the button
Seat 0: rekrezreb (20.40 in chips) - playing
Seat 1: TILTFORLIFE (21.58 in chips) - playing
Seat 2: broome2 (62.07 in chips) - playing
Seat 3: AcoBack (19.40 in chips) - playing
Seat 4: SC_Terran (22.61 in chips) - playing
Seat 6: yauq88 (23.06 in chips) - playing
Seat 7: FishwChips (20.10 in chips) - playing
Seat 8: MagicDonkey (22.31 in chips) - playing
Seat 9: LERA13 (17.94 in chips) - playing
FishwChips: Post Small Blind (0.10)
MagicDonkey: SitOut
LERA13: Post Big Blind (0.20)
--- Deal Hole Cards ---
rekrezreb: Fold
MagicDonkey: Leave table
MagicDonkey: Bought additional chips (20.00)
broome2: Fold
AcoBack: Fold
SC_Terran: Raise (0.70)
yauq88: Fold
FishwChips: Fold
LERA13: Fold
SC_Terran: Uncalled Bet (0.50)
SC_Terran: Wins Pot 1, amount (0.50)
---- Hand Summary ----
Pot: (0.5), Rake: (0.00), Community Cards: []
rekrezreb, Rake: (0.00), FPP: (0.00)
TILTFORLIFE, Rake: (0.00), FPP: (0.00)
broome2, Rake: (0.00), FPP: (0.00)
AcoBack, Rake: (0.00), FPP: (0.00)
SC_Terran Won 0.30, Rake: (0.00), FPP: (0.00)
yauq88, Rake: (0.00), FPP: (0.00)
FishwChips Lost -0.10, Rake: (0.00), FPP: (0.00)
MagicDonkey, Rake: (0.00), FPP: (0.00)
LERA13 Lost -0.20, Rake: (0.00), FPP: (0.00)

Because the system shows me sitting out, I was denied the entry. I could have played 500 hands, but the moment the system showed me sitting out, I was hosed.

Would any else interpret the T/C they way they are?

I have sent numerous emails and they stand by the perfection of their automated system. I have played two days towards this promotion, have not been awarded a ticket for either day, although they game me an entry to try and shut me up ( they call it goodwill ) ;). It's not the value of the entry, it's a $1000 kamikazee tourney. It's about not getting screwed over I guess.

 Post subject: Re: Doyle's Room I out of line here?
PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 1:48 pm 
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I don't think you're out of line at all. So it seems they are trying to say that, if you sit out at any point during the promotion EVER, you are DQ'd? So if I play a total of 1k hands across 3 tables but had to get up once to go to the bathroom, I would be waisting my time towards the promotion at that point?

I mean, I guess if you went by the letter of what they were saying, sure. But I think the intention of the rule is simply to prohibit hands for which you were sitting out as counting towards the base.

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