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TigerGaming First Deposit Bonus
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Author:  BlahDGenius [ Fri Jan 23, 2015 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  TigerGaming First Deposit Bonus


i just started the tiger gaming free gift promotion. i signed up using promocode PSTIGER (of course, after deleting my cookies and so on)

i enjoy playing at tiger gaming, but i did not receive the first deposit bonus.

i sent an email to TG support before making a deposit, because i could'nt find a 1st deposit bonus code on their homepage and PSTIGER did not work in the cashier (only when i created the account)
Ticket ID: YCX-774981

...Thank you for contacting us.

We would advise that you view a list of our exciting promotions via the following link: ...


no bonus code there, so i made a deposit using a code provided by their system "NEWPLAY" ( a little popup in the cashier )


after checking my bonus status i contacted TG live chat:

Mark betritt den Chatraum.

Mark 19:27:08

Hello Jens, my name is Mark, how may I help you?

Jens 19:27:26

hello Mark

i just checked my pending bonus status and realized that i wasnt credited the 100% first depsoit bonus

did i miss something?

Mark 19:28:52

May we have your username so to check on that for you.

Jens 19:29:13

of course "TigerBlahd"

Mark 19:29:36

Thank you, just a moment while we check on that for you.

Jens 19:29:41

ok thank you

Mark 19:32:45

Will you be so kind to confirm whether you signed up through an affiliate please?

Jens 19:32:55

i did sign up via pokersiource


PSTIGER was the code

Mark 19:33:33

Just to confirm then, you did signup through an affiliate?

Jens 19:33:44


is there anything else you need to know?

Mark 19:40:46

We do have to request that you contact your Affiliate as they will confirm as to which signup bonus you do qualify for.

Jens 19:41:34

i see, so i have to check back with pokersource and get back to you, right?

Mark 19:42:12

Yes that is corrct Jens.


Jens 19:42:44

i just checked

it says

Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $2500
Minimum Age: 18 Years Old
Minimum Deposit: $50
Promo Requirements: 1200 POP points
Minimum Limits: NONE

Bonus Code: PSTIGER
100% up to $2500

Mark 19:43:46

We do understand, will you be so kind to contact your affiliate and request that they confirm the bonus code for the signup bonus that you do qualify for please?

Jens 19:44:15

will do

Mark 19:44:34

Awesome, is there anything else that we may assist you with?

Jens 19:44:41

sorry, english isnt my first language

no, ill copy past the chatlog and send it to the affilliate, that'll be easiest for me, ok?!

Mark 19:47:42

Yes sure Jens.

Jens 19:47:54

ok, fine, thank you, Mark!

have a nice day then



so, can you make sense of this?

thank you!


Author:  JAYL [ Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TigerGaming First Deposit Bonus

BlahDGenius...first, welcome back to PokerSource! My apologies for the issues you're having with Tiger.

I've spoken to our Affiliate Manager over there, shared your forum post, and he promised to investigate and let me know what happened. As soon as I hear back I'll post the findings here. Regardless, we'll make it right one way or another.

In the meantime, good luck on the flop!

Author:  BlahDGenius [ Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TigerGaming First Deposit Bonus

awesome :thumbs up:

thank you!

Author:  BlahDGenius [ Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TigerGaming First Deposit Bonus

i juste received an email from Team Tigergaming


We have viewed your account "TigerBlahd" and see that you made use of the "NEWPLAY" bonus code upon your very first deposit.


Please note that as per the Terms and Conditions of the "NEWPLAY" bonus, you are then allowed to request the "100% First deposit bonus" upon making your next deposit.



:thumbs up:

thanks to Tigergaming team and Pokersource Support for the way they handled this issue!

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